The Hendy Foundation trustees have a duty of care to safeguard the charity’s assets.

Practical and appropriate steps are required to ensure the donation is being used as intended and reaches its proper destination.

The trustees must be assured of the provenance of the charitable funds and confident that the people and organisations of successful charity applicants can be verified and identified correctly in order to manage any risks to Hendy Foundation.

The trustees will judge the quality and completeness of the initial information obtained via the online grant request form and will decide whether further checks or enquiries will be necessary.

Unlawful use of Hendy Foundation funds is a breach of charity law and is illegal.


Any charity or individual who applies to Hendy Foundation for a grant donation must comply with ALL of the following terms which are laid down in the objects of Hendy Foundation constitution.

1. Your charity must not be a national or international charity or be of a religious or political nature as in the objects of Hendy Foundation constitution.

2. Your charity must be a local charity which falls within the Hendy Group footprint and the area in which the Hendy Group operates, namely, Devon, Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire, West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey and/or Kent. Any monies received from Hendy Foundation by means of a grant donation must be used for projects or activities within these counties. Donations cannot be spent in another county within the UK or internationally.

3. You must provide proof of how and where the donation has been spent within a 12 month time frame from the date of receiving the grant. Proof may include and is not limited to submission of receipts, invoices, photographic evidence, video footage, inspection of financial records, submission of minutes from charity meetings and on site inspections.

4. You must supply bank details for the charity and not of a personal bank account.

5. You must provide full address details, charity registration number where available and the full name and job title of the person responsible for receiving the grant.

6. You must provide full financial accounts and the most recent management accounts upon request.

7. It is the responsibility of the person signing these terms and conditions that they have the authority to do so and that they are able to act and sign on behalf of the charity.

8. A second signatory is required to confirm acceptance of these terms and conditions. This person must ensure they have the authority to act and sign on behalf of the charity.

Once the trustees are completely satisfied with the above points, the donation will be made by means of electronic bank transfer. No cash or cheque payments will be made under any circumstance.

The trustees will make payment within one month of being satisfied with the above points.

Hendy Foundation Charity registration number 1180518