Find out more about what Hendy Foundation does to develop our local areas – and how we do it. We stand by the side of the communities in which we operate, across Devon, Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire, West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey and Kent.
What we do

We provide support where it is needed most, by giving independent grants to local projects, people, events and charitable organisations. Whether it’s providing uniforms for a concert band at the heart of the local community or funding an outing for visually impaired and blind people, we aim to make our local areas better places for us all to live in. 
Our average grant is £1,000, although we do provide grants of up to £5,000 in exceptional circumstances for a specific project/activity. 
Caring for our local communities underpins everything we do as a foundation, and our focus is on supporting projects being run locally for the benefit of those in the local communities in which Hendy Group operates. 
We carefully consider each and every request, and while we encourage a wide range of applications, we don’t consider those which are religious, national, international or political. Alongside this we do not provide grant donations for running costs or overheads. All of our donations are awarded on a restricted fund basis only.

How we do it

To decide which projects to give an independent grant to, we start by reviewing our applications. We assess submissions on a quarterly basis and carefully consider all requests before responding accordingly. Our trustees are dedicated to keeping the vision and goals of our charitable corporate foundation and help ensure the money we raise is used in the best possible way to support our communities.

Applications are open to all within the areas in which Hendy Group operate in the South of England. In the case of charities, money is given to local charities only. Please note the donations are given towards tangible items (as opposed to giving money towards running costs). 

If you wish to apply for a grant from Hendy Foundation, we've made the process nice and easy. Please click here to complete the online application form. Applications are open to all within the areas in which Hendy Group operates in the South of England.